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84123.com金沙国际:Hong Kong and Shenzhen and QDII fund the most abundant harvest!

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内容摘要: Chinese New Year "red envelope" who is the largest?During the Chinese New Year holiday of the A-shares, the external stock market...

Chinese New Year "red envelope" who is the largest?

During the Chinese New Year holiday of the A-shares, the external stock markets maintained their positive conditions. Both the Asia-Pacific stock markets and the European and U.S. stock markets showed various degrees of rise. Affected by this, A-share market also appeared on schedule after the holiday "good start" trend. However, compared with the A stock gold, the QDII funds and the Hong Kong-Shenzhen stock fund gained even more.

17 Hong Kong-Shenzhen funds rose more than 3%

Statistics show that on February 22, that is, the first trading day of the A-shares after the Chinese New Year, 17 Hong Kong-Shenzhen funds rose more than 3% in a single day. Among them, the ranking rose top of the list of Zhongrong Hong Kong and Shenzhen deep consumer theme A rose 7.48%. Followed by Bo when Shanghai and Shenzhen deep value of preferred A and ICBC Shanghai and Shenzhen deep equity funds , up 6.65% and 6.57% respectively.

Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Exchange The skyrocketing fund net worth of mainly benefited from the good performance of Hong Kong stocks during the Spring Festival, making the underlying fund lurking "smartly" profitable. Data show that during the A-share market closed from February 15 to February 21, gains of Hang Seng Index and Hang Seng were 3% and 3.47% respectively. In the compensatory growth effect, the share of pre-holiday share of substantial growth in the state-owned enterprises ETF and Huaxia Hang Seng ETF on February 22 the day the opening of A shares, the net value rose 2.26% and 1.81%.

Internet QDII "good start"

At the same time, the Internet QDII fund also welcomes the Year of the Dog "good start" in the broad market. During the Spring Festival, the Dow Jones industrial average, the S \u0026 P 500 and Nasdaq index rose more than 1% during the A holiday, the general stocks also generally rose. Data show that good future , Baidu , unfamiliar street , New Oriental rose during the Spring Festival are more than 4%.

By the rise in the concept stocks, the main investment in the Internet stocks QDII Fund ushered in the first day after the holiday ushered in the "good opener," China Internet Fund and China Internet Fund mutual fund in the February 22 rose 4.47% And 4.25%. In the opinion of many agencies, the global stock market has experienced a modest rise after the flashback of the US stock market. As a result, the net worth of public funds that have already "gone out to sea" generally rose.

One third of the "North Water" comes from the fund

The continuous take-up of overseas markets, especially Hong Kong stocks, has also made public equity funds accelerate the pace of "going out to sea". Information shows that since the opening of the Hong Kong-Shanghai exchanges and the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, a total of net inflows have reached . The amount of "north water" in the Hong Kong market has exceeded one trillion Hong Kong dollars. Industry estimates, one-third of the funds from retail investors, one-third from insurance funds, one third from the public and private equity funds. However, HSBC Global Investment Management Global Investment Director (Asia Pacific Investment Director) and Director Ma Haode seems that this year the main investment opportunities in the stock market is still concentrated in emerging markets, rather than mature markets. Looking forward, many agencies believe that the current market sentiment has been mild rebound, the future market focus will return to affect the long-term stock market fundamentals.





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